Haldighati- The epic battle of Haldighati


Haldighati is well known for its legendary battle between and Mughal Emperor Akbar forces. It is actually a mountain pass in Aravali range of Rajasthan in western India. The place is named after the turmeric (Haldi in Hindi) color of soil, hence, named as Haldighati. The place is converted to memorial and named after the great legend as Maharana Pratap National Memorial. The memorial has a bronze statue of the Maharana Pratap with Chetak. A cenotaph is also built in pure marble where Chetak died after fatally wounded in the battle.This cenotaph is dedicated in respect and admiration to the brave and faithful horse Chetak. Haldighati is also famous for its charity rose product and the Mud art of Molela. Government is also on a way to promote private cottage industry. You can also visit Badshahi Bagh well known for its ‘Chaitri-Gulab‘.This Gulab or Rose is used to produce rose water and Gulkand (Jam made from Rose petals) which has medicinal use too. Close to Haldighati, Balicha village is located which is famous for its terracotta crafts.

How to reach

You can visit Haldighati by Hiring Taxi Services in Udaipur. It is at an accessible distance of 40 km from Udaipur. The nearest railway station is Udaipur railway station and you can also reach from Udaipur airport which is only 57 km away.