Eklingji -A Temple Of Lord Shiva

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Eklingji is a Hindu temple complex in Udaipur District of Rajasthan at a distance of 22km from Udaipur. It is a significant temple of Mewar dynasty which is dedicated to a form of Lord Shiva. The temple comprises of 108 temples within its premises built in sandstone and marble. The main temple is reconstructed from the earlier destroyed temple. The complex is protected by high walls made of marble and granite. It also has double-storied exclusively carved pillars raised in hall or mandap under a huge pyramidal roof. The hall welcomes the pilgrims by a silver image of Nandi. There are two images of Nandi carved in black stone and brass respectively. The main temple where the form of Lord Shiva is situated is possessed with heavy doors made in silver. The temple boasts of a four-faced idol of Eklingji (a form of Lord Shiva) carved beautifully in black marble. It is around 50ft high and its four faces indicate four forms of Lord Shiva. The temple always blew with a relaxing and enchanting fragrance. Another notable temple in the complex is Lakulish temple. It is the only temple of Lakulish in the entire country. At a distance of 1km from eklingji, Nagda town is located which is famous for its Sas-Bahu temples and Adbudji temples. These temples are well known for its spectacular structure carved in stones. The Adbudji temple is a remarkable temple dedicated to Jain deities which is constructed in black marble.

How to reach

Eklingji is well connected by road and easily accessible from the most famous city Udaipur. You can travel by bus or local transport to reach the destination, but it is more convenient to visit eklingji by hiring Taxi Services in Udaipur planning a day trip as Nathdwara is also on the same route. Eklingji is only 22km from Udaipur, the nearest railway station held at Udaipur itself and nearest airport is dabok airport in Udaipur.