Chittorgarh- A Destroyed Beauty

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Chittorgarh is a city named after its legendary Chittor Fort. The city is located on the banks of river Gambhiri and Berach. It is the largest fort in India and Asia. The fort is surrounded by a circular wall protected by seven huge gates. The fort stretches about 6km in length surrounded by high hillocks. The fort also contains the ancient temple of Goddess Kali known as The Kalika Mata Temple. At the entrance gate, Rana Kumbha’s Palace is located near Vijaya Stambha. The palace is decorated with spectacular canopied balconies and it also consists of elephant and horses statues and a temple of Lord Shiva. Chittor fort have Padmini’s Palace inbuilt which is a three storied structure reconstructed of the original. The palace is crowned by Chhatris and a water pond surrounds the palace. Near to the palace, the Kalika Mata temple is situated which was a ruin of a Sun temple dedicated to the God Surya. The west side of the fort is the ancient Goddess Tulja Bhavani Temple built to worship Goddess Tulja Bhavani. Close to this temple, a courtyard is located where artillery is kept and still today, you can see few old cannons kept their.

Kirti Stambha and Vijaya Stambha

The most significant monuments include Kirti Stambha (Tower of Fame) and Vijay Stambha (Victory Tower) also called the symbol of Chittor. Kirti Stambh is a 22 meter high tower carved with Jain sculptures. The Vijay Stambha is a depiction of bravery and valore of Chittor. It is a 122ft tower accessible thorough a narrow circular staircase. It is illuminated every day in the evening, where you can admire the charismatic view of the city. Close to Kirti Stambha is the Meera Temple or the Meerabai Temple built in an ornate Indo–Aryan architectural style. Meerabai was a saint and an ardent devotee of Lord Krishna. The largest temple in the same compound is the Kumbha Shyam Temple (Varaha Temple) where the roof is built in Pyramid shape. The fort and the city host the most significant festival known as “Jauhar Mela“ celebrated annually dedicated to the jauhars. Chittorgarh fort is enlisted in the UNESCO World Heritage Site with five other major forts of Rajasthan namely Amber Fort, Gagron Fort, Jaisalmer Fort, Kumbhalgarh Fort and Ranthambore Fort.

How to reach

Chittorgarh is well connected with roads and rail network as in case of rail network it is a major junction in Mewar zone. You can visit Chittor by any mode of transport like bus, train or by hiring a Car Rental in Udaipur. It is 117km from Udaipur and the nearest airport is at Udaipur (Dabok airport). The airport is located 70 kilometers from Chittorgarh.