Pushkar Is A Very Old City Old City Of Rajasthan  ,  Pushakr is a city  of Ajmer District In rajasthan.  Pushakr has Many Temples And Gats. Pushakr Is surrounded By hills on three Sides . The “Nag Pahad”  (It means Snake Mountain)  forms a Natural Border Between Ajmer and Pushkar . Another Attraction of pushkar Is The Famous annual fair which is known as “Pushkar Camel Fair” and The Beauty attraction of pushkar  is Brahma ji Temple. 

varaha temple

Varaha Temple

The Varaha Temple Is Situated In Pushkar Rajasthan. The Varaha Temple Was Originally Built In 12Th Century But It Was Destroyed By “Mughal Emperor Aurangzeb” And It Was Rebuilt In 18Th Century By Maharaja “Sawai Man Singh II” .

Varaha Is The Incarnation  Of Lord Vishnu . Lord Vishnu Has The Ten Principal (Dashavatara) Of Avatar , Varaha Is Listed As Third Avatar Of Lord Vishnu In Ten Principal Avatar. Vahara Avatar Was In Form Of “Boar”. Varaha Is Associated With The Legend Of Lifting The Earth.

Brahma Temple

Lord Brahma Is Also Known As “Jagatpita” . This Temple Is a 2000 Year Old Temple.  Brahma Mandir Is A Hindu Temple.  This Temple Is Situated In Pushkar Near  To The “Pushkar Lake”. This Temple Is One Of  Few Existing Temples of God Brahma In India. The Original Temple Was Destroyed By Mugals. It Was Rebuilt In the 14th Century.

The temple Is Made With Stone And Marble. The Red Colored “Shikara” Is A Beautiful  Part Of The Temple . The Inner walls of The Temple Are Inlaid With Thousands Of Silver Coins.  

bramha ji

Rang Ji Temple

The Rang ji Temple Was Established By “Seth Puran Mal Ganeriwal” In 1823 .Seth Puran Mal Ganeriwal Was From Hyderabad.  This  Temple Is One Of The Very Famous Temples Of Rajasthan. Rang ji Temple Is  dedicated To The “Lord Vishnu”. This Temple Is Made In Rajput And Mugal Architecture . Also This  Temple Is One Of The Popular Tourist Destinations.

Man Mahal

The Man Mahal Is Located Near  “Sarovar Lake” In Pushkar in Rajasthan.   . This  Palace Is Believed To Be The Biggest Royal Home. Which Was Built In The Pushkar City.  It looks Very Amazing Sight. This Was Built In Rajasthani Architecture.

The Palace  Mainly Built To Serve As A City Guest House For “Maharaja Man Singh I” Now This Palace Converted Into  Luxury Heritage Hotel .


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