How Corona Effect Travel Industry in Udaipur

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February 28, 2020
Corona Effect Travel Industry

The world is battling with the dreaded COVID-19 coronavirus, which has taken thousands of lives in many countries. COVID-19, the respiratory illness caused by the new coronavirus is spreading all around the world. The World Health Organization (WHO) has officially declared it a pandemic, a disease that is occurring over a huge area and affecting a huge section of the population. According to the WHO, globally there are more than 245,705 confirmed cases of people with COVID-19 and nearly 10,046 people have died from the disease.

Precaution and prevention are the key things to keep this virus from spreading. Staying away from crowds and keeping hands clean are some of the measures suggested and being taken.

Udaipur is a beautiful place that houses majestic palaces, lakes, and gardens. Udaipur is on the verge of being stigmatized as a precursor of the viral outbreak. Most of the tourist destinations now remain almost empty. In fact, in most of the once crowded venues, only a handful of people are seen. Trains, cars travel empty, and the ever-crowded Fateh Sagar is remaining empty. The tourism industry in Udaipur is staring at a rough phase this year as advance bookings and queries have decreased significantly due to coronavirus scare, even as the new season is set to start in April.

The travel industry is seeing cancellations up to 80 percent in wake of the coronavirus pandemic, especially with the government suspending visas for a month. But now, with a large section of holiday crowd from China and Europe staying away due to the outbreak, the tourism industry is facing a rough time. The coronavirus is not just affecting Udaipur tourism but across various destinations in the country. With the section 144 imposing, it has made it worse for the travel industry as people from India are also not traveling now. People are afraid to go out. Tourism operators in Udaipur have kept fingers crossed expecting this scare to ward off in March itself so that they could expect better tourist arrivals in late summer and autumn season.

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