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September 7, 2019
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From majestic forts and tranquil lakes to tasty food, and amazing malls — the beautiful lake city has all. If you are planning to visit Udaipur, then VNV Tours is the best Taxi services in Udaipur. Our Taxi Service provides Taxi in Udaipur at affordable rates for all your needs. Udaipur, known as the Venice of the east, is one of the beautiful cities surrounded by the Aravalli Hills in all directions. The place is known for its cultural and historical city of Rajasthan of India. Here is the list of top 5 attractions in the Udaipur.

City Palace

The complex of the City Palace houses around 11 palaces. The palace displays a perfect blend of the Mughal and the Rajasthani style of architecture. It is built on top of a hill and offers an aerial view of the entire city. There are several domes, courtyards, corridors, rooms, pavilions, towers, and hanging gardens within the palace, which increases its beauty. There are many gateways in this palace.


Monsoon Palace also referred to as Sajjangarh palace is an architectural wonder constructed at an altitude of 3100 Ft. built by the 72nd ruler of Mewar dynasty Maharana Sajjan Singh within the year 1884 and thus got its name ‘Sajjangarh’. The palace is constructed on marble pillars with walls plastered with lime mortar. There are stairs, hall, rooms, and quarters in the three-story building, various ‘Jharokhas’ are provided to glance at the entire city and lakes from the highest and luxuriate in the rainy weather in monsoon.

Fateh Sagar Lake

Fateh Sagar Lake is well-planned with three intake channels and an overflow channel that’s usually brought into play within the rainy season. Fateh Sagar Lake is embellished by three small islands, and those can be reached by taking a boat in the lake. There are many other attractions, you can visit Maharana Pratap Memorial which is built on the top of the hill, this memorial is made in the memory of the gallant and brave Rajput king, Maharana Pratap. The monument showcases the life-sized statue of the king and his horse- Chetak, considered as the fastest horses of that time and you can also visit Under the Sun which is one of the most significant public aquaria in India, Under the Sun is a must-visit, especially for children.

Saheliyo Ki Bari

Sahelion ki Bari or the Garden of the Maids of Honour is a well-maintained garden that was built in 1710-1734 by Maharana Sangram Singh II. The garden houses peaceful surroundings, fountains, marble art, and green lawns. It is believed that the king himself designed the garden as a present for his Queen. One of the most popular attractions of Udaipur, this garden features a white marble Chhatri fountain right in the center and black-colored marble Chhatri on the corners.

Bagore Ki Haveli

Bagore ki haveli was built by Amir Chand Badwa who was the Chief Minister of Mewar Royal Court, it dates back to the 18th century. Maharana Shakti Singh of Bagore, who resided within the haveli, incorporated three stories to the most structure, in 1878 AD. The interiors of the Haveli are embellished with beautiful and amazing fine mirror work. One can also see the private quarters of the royal ladies, their bath areas, dressing rooms, bedrooms, living rooms, worship rooms and recreation rooms along with a number of balconies, courtyards, and corridors.
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