Haldi Gati


Haldi ghati is mainly famous for battle in between Rajput King “Maharana Pratap” And Mugal King  “Akbar” . Haldi Ghati is a mountain pass of “Kamnor and Bagicha village” , Haldi Ghati Situated in Aravalli range  of Rajasthan , its 40 kms far from udaipur city. It is named “Haldighati” Because of originated from the Turmeric color yellow soil of the area. And this Turmeric color yellow soil holds the bloody battle that reflects in that soil.

Haldi ghati Holds the famous battle history , the battle between Maharana Pratap And Akbar . That Battle was fought in 1576 , Where the Mugal army outnumbered  the Mewar army , but Maharana Pratap Fought fearlessly for the Mewar kingdom , And that time Maharana Pratap asked for surrender but Maharana Pratap decided to fight . Haldi Ghati is Nero  Mountain path , So where Mughal army marched from to attack on mewar kingdom , But mewar army want battel in open ground , so they made to Move mugal army in open ground . and that ground filled with blood after that bloody battle. So it is named “Rakt talai (Blood lake)”. There was on time when Maharana Pratap was injured. That time Maharana Pratap’s Horse (“Chetak”) came there to rescue Maharana Pratap , and take Maharana Pratap to a safe place . Chetak Was Maharana Pratap‘s Loyal horse, who also fought with mugal army and also he got injured but still in that position he rescued maharana pratap in his injured condition And Also Chetak Crossed water stream By jump In injured condition and At The end chetak also lost his life . And Maharana Pratap built Chetak’s Memorial where Chetak died. And in battlefield One person come with dress up like maharana pratap to  give illusion to mugal army. That person was “Mana Jhala” , but in the end he lost his life during fight with mugal army. 

Nowadays there is a musume at Haldi ghati where one can see Battle Scene In paintings or statues. Also can see weapons of mugal and maharana pratap including swords , heavy Armors , knives etc. Also can see the “Chetak’s Memorial  ” And This Museum is  2 Kms away from Chetak’s Memorial . Also there are bronze statues which show the battle scenes. 

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