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July 13, 2019
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July 16, 2019
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Jagdish temple, Situated in the City Palace complex is one of the largest Hindu temples in Udaipur. The temple was built by Maharana Jagat Singh in the year 1651, Which is dedicated to Lord Vishnu. It is one of the Architectural marvel builds by Mewar dynasty. The gateway of this temple is about 150 meters from the bara pol entrance of the City Palace. Jagdish temple is 79 feet high and three-storied that can be seen in the skyline of Udaipur. 1.5 Million rupees were spent in the construction and completion of this temple.

Jagdish temple is a big attraction for tourist, originally called the temple of Jagannath Rai but nowadays it is known as jagdish-ji. In Jagdish temple, there are four smaller shrines consisting of the idols of Lord Shiva.  It is celebrated for being the largest temple in Udaipur.

Because of the beautiful architecture of shrine, Tourist would experience a distinct nature in this temple. It is a major monument in Udaipur. The temple is built with the Indo-Aryan style of construction. When you enter the temple you will be welcomed by two huge stone elephants at the entrance. On the very frontage of the temple, you would find a stone slab that is imprinted with the inscriptions with reference to Maharaja Jagat Singh. You have to take a marble flight of 32 steps to reach the main shrine.  At main shrine you will find a brass image of Garuda, a figure of half-man and half-eagle, this huge idol looks like, It is guarding the doorway of Lord Vishnu.

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