Ekling Ji

Ekling ji

Eklingji temple Is “Lord Shiva Temple” . And The Lord Shiva four faced statue is made with black marble.  Ekling ji is believed to be the ruling god of the mewar kingdom. And Maharana rules as Dewan Of Ekling ji . This Shrine is hindu shrine. This Shrine Is Situated In Eklingji town , this Town also known as “Kailash Puri”  . This Shrine Is 22 kms. Far from udaipur city. This Shrine is the oldest shrine of udaipur . this shrine contains 108 small shrines in its premises.

Eklingji temple was originally constructed in the 8th century By “Bappa  Rawal”.  The original temple and the  statue was destroyed by the Delhi sultan ruler During invasions. After that the statue Was established By “Maharana Hamir Singh ” in the 14th century.   After that “maharana Kumbha ” reconstructed the main temple in the 15th century with constructing the vishnu temple.

This Shrine Is made of marbles and sand stones . The main shrine of lord shiva is constructed in a two storey building with beautiful carved  architecture .  Outside the main shrine one can see the statue of “Nandi (Lord Shiva’s Bull) And Bappa Rawal” . The main temple has a silver door carved of lord ganesha and lord kartikeya on it . At the right side of this shrine there is Lakes Which is “Tulsi kund And Karz Kund ” .  at this shrine maha shivratri festival is celebrated Mainly . 

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