Mount Abu-The Hill Station Of Rajasthan

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Mount Abu

Mount Abu, a place where culture meets nature. Mount Abu being the only hill station in Rajasthan blessed with nature’s gift. The place is flourished with lush green forest, lakes, waterfalls and high Aravali hill ranges. It is situated at an altitude of 1,219 meters above sea level. The mountain stretch about 22km length and 9km wide on a rocky plateau. The mountain plays an important role in the spirituality for both Hindus and Jains as has more than 80 temples and shrines of deities. Although, Mount Abu can be visited at any time of the year, but the best time is from July to September, when surroundings are full of lush greenery. The place exhibits the beauty of the nature in the form of waterfalls, lakes, and dense green forest. There are many places to visit in Mount Abu but most notable are Mount Abu Wildlife Sanctuary, Delwara Temples, Achalgarh Fort, Toad Rock, Durga Ambika Mata Temple, Spiritual headquarters of the Brahma Kumaris, Nakki Lake, Abu road, Guru Shikar and Trevor’s crocodile park.

Places to visit

The Mount Abu Wildlife Sanctuary was established in 1960 and covers 290 sq. km of the mountain. It is the home of the most fascinating creature lion and tiger but one can also spot Leopards as well. The other species found here are sambhar, common langur, wild boar, bear, pangolin, common mongoose, jungle cat, wolf, hyena, jackal, Indian fox, Indian hare, grey jungle fowl, porcupine and hedgehog and around 250 species of birds. The mountain is also known to be sacred as several Hindu and Jain temples are situated here. It includes Adhar Devi Temple, the Shri Raghunathji Temple, Dattatreya temple, Achaleswar Mahadev Temple, the Kantinath Temple, and the most famous Delwara Temple. The most important temple is the Vimal Vasahi Temple which the oldest amongst all. The spiritual headquarters of the Brahma Kumaris is also situated here. Nakki Lake, The most famous tourist spot in Mount Abu which is also an ancient and sacred lake. You can enjoy a boat ride while prying at the beauty of the lake.

The Royal Legacy

The Achalgarh Fort, another famous place is situated nearby to the popular visitor attraction of the Nakki Lake. The palace welcomes by two towers located at the entrance carved out by grey granite. The place is also famous for its ancient temple inbuilt dedicated to lord Shiva popularly known as the Achaleshwar Mahadeva Temple. It hosts a spectacular view of the surroundings. Abu Road, in spite of the small town, is worth to visit as it has many temples significant to Hindus. It is at a distance of about 30 km from Mount Abu near the Banas River. Due to its location, it exhibits a picturesque view of its surroundings. Guru Shikhar, being at the highest location, it offers a mesmerizing sunset point from its top. The place also hosts a picturesque view of the entire surroundings as it is located at a height of 1722 meters above sea level. It is also famous for its temple of Guru Dattatreya.

How to reach

Mount Abu is easily accessible from Udaipur. One can visit Mount Abu by hiring Car Rental Services in Udaipur . It is also connected with trains as the nearest railway station is Abu Road railway station.