Rajasthan- A Mixture of Culture

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February 27, 2019
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Whenever the word “Rajasthan” strike in our mind the very first thing that comes in our mind is images of iridescent lights and wide variety of energetic folk dances and passionate music that always remind about deserts, lakes, forts, the royal robes of Rajas and  Maharajas. The word Rajasthan means “abode of king”, before having this name this state is known as “Rajputana” that mean homeland of the mighty Rajputs. Artistic and Cultural tradition, Heritage and Monument and several beautiful tourist places in this state attracts lots of tourist to plan a visit to this awesome state.

Culture of Rajasthan

Rajasthan is a state of textiles, semi precious stones, and handicrafts, traditional and colorful art. The furniture made in Rajasthan has intricate carving and bright colours. Prints like block prints, tie and die prints are major products that are exported from Rajasthan. Blue pottery of Jaipur is famous all over the world. The Havellis and Monuments in this state also represent different arts and attract lots of visitor all over the world. The day at this state is boiling as hell and night is cold as freezing ice and that what make a perfect pair of lifestyle in Rajasthan.

Music and Folk Dances

Music and dances in it distinct style adds new glamour in hard lives of Rajasthani people. People of Rajasthan are energetic and fun loving. The folk music culture comes from the kings that integrate music in their courts. The music contain different flavor of folk music, hymns and prayer in praise of Lord. All the traditionally based old dance forms are still practiced religiously. Some of the anomalous dance form that are appreciated all over the world and get lots of people to visit this places are Ghoomar Dance from Jodhpur, Kalbeliya Dance from Jaisalmer, Chari Dance, Kacchi-Ghodi, fire dance and terah taai. Other types of dances are performed during different occasions.

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